Do I need to hire personnel to manage the attraction or it is an autonomous entertainment ?

You definitely need personnel to manage the attraction. In order to set the game, do the briefing, and monitor the arena during the match it is necessary to hire personnel. Keep in mind that our equipment are high end cutting edge equipment and despite of all the safety measures and resistance, the players might damage the equipment and arena or harm each other.

What qualifications does a person need to be hired in my Laser Game center?

No specific qualification is necessary for personnel. Like other businesses, they need to be welcoming  with good communication skills to attract more clients and retain them. We teach you and your personnel how to set and run a game. Our system is very user friendly and easy to learn and can be set and run with some clicks.

How should I manage my laser game?

Most of the activities related to the game is being managed by the system automatically. We also provide you with know-how about managing your attraction and improve your business. If necessary we can arrange a period of coaching to learn about managing the arena next to our professional and experienced attraction managers. Moreover, we are always by your side to help you to develop your business and grow as a XRAID family member.

Do you train me and my personnel to be able to use the system and manage the game and arena?

We provide training for the owner, manager and personnel for using the equipment, software and system, mechanics of the game, management of the matches and center, marketing, and basic repair and maintenance of equipment and system. Also, we provide you an on-site instruction during the installation of the system and if necessary during the center inauguration so you and your staff learn every detail about the operation. Upon request, we can plan a coaching event for your personnel to work next to our professional and experienced Laser Game managers in Italy for couple of days.

How you help me to build customer loyalty in my attraction?

Our advanced membership system, in addition to helping you in different aspects of your business and marketing,  will assist you to build and increase customer loyalty. Moreover, we provide you with practical guidelines to build and increase loyalty.

Who is my target audience at my laser game arena?

If you do not have a type-specific attraction (e.g. children's playground), you can expect different groups. Majority of Laser Game clients are children, teenagers and younger generations. However, you can also expect adults clients for birthday parties, corporate events, and  family and friends gatherings.

How much should I spend on marketing?

It really depends on your goals to attract new customers and how you do it. We recommend you to consider more marketing budget during the first months to introduce your business to your target clients. For instance, you can consider 10-20% of your operating cost as the marketing budget during the first three month to see how it works. For the next months you can decide to increase or decrease it based on an evaluation.

What message should I communicate to my customers?

This depends on the type of your target customers. The message you communicate to children is different from the one you communicate to adults or companies. Try to focus on the reasons why they should go to your attraction, what they should expect and what they gain. Remember that you are offering an entertainment service and as such, see the message you are sending as an addition to this entertainment experience.

How should I attract new customers?

There are plenty of marketing method. You can advertise via Google or social media, etc. We provide all XRAID family members with marketing materials and comprehensive guidelines to attract new customers.

How can I make sure that people come back to my Laser Game center?

You have to create and guarantee a meaningful and satisfying experience for your customers. This starts from the moment that you have the first interaction with the client. This is very important when a client enters to your laser game center. Make sure your staff knows how to welcome and communicate with customers. You try to retain the customer and we do the rest. XRAID Laser Game creates a memorable experience for all players and this make them come back very soon.

Which working materials do you give for the better management of my Laser Game center?

XRAID Laser Game provides essential working materials for the operation of your Laser game center. Our working materials are included but not limited to:

  • Briefing video;
  • Multi-media and marketing materials for advertisement, marketing and increasing awareness;
  • User manual including use, maintenance and repair and cleaning instructions;
  • Membership registration device and membership cards;
  • Score (statistics) reports;
  • Technical and business guidelines;
  • Game safety rules and regulations;
  • Free music;
  • Liability waver and release (for minor child);
  • Product certificates and licenses (e.g. CE certificate, fire proof certificate for arena panels);

Do you help me on ongoing business?

Yes, XRIAD Laser Game supports you on ongoing business to improve the performance and efficiency of your attraction and you income by:

  • Providing data, statistics, and graphs through management section to do a trend analysis;
  • Supplying marketing materials and giving marketing assistance;
  • Helping the owner to increase the client satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Providing updated market and legal information;
  • Training and retraining the personnel on various functions and features of the product, technical aspects of the equipment, system, and new game modes;
  • Sharing the experience, guidelines and best practices;
  • Upgrading system and developing new features and new game modes;
  • Also, periodically our consultants discuss different aspects of your business with you.

Do we get followed-up by your company?

The working relationship between us does not end by signing the contract or with the installation of the system. What is very important for us is a long-term collaboration. We are constantly working to help you to become and maintain a successful laser game attraction. Therefore, the best consultants in the sector are always by your side to help you to  set up and manage your business.