What are the arena components?

Arena components are great adds to your laser game and endow it with interactive features that enrich the gaming experience, opening an unlimited range of game modes. They can be used as:  base, target, mine or reload stations. The base station, in some game modes, can be tagged by players and conquered, changing its color and thus earning points for their team. The base can also be used to give power ups, activate external devices and much more. The reload station can be set up to give players lives, ammo, shields or weapon upgrades, etc.

What are the special arena components?

Special Arena components are specific targets such as Star Gate, Godzilla, Demon Tree which are integrated with the system and the arena components. These special components can attract more clients to your arena and enhance the social media visibility and encourage more clients to visit your arena. Adding interactive features to these components will make it memorable for players.

What is DMX special effect?

DMX is an acronym for Digital Multiplex. It is the standard digital communication protocol that is used to remotely control intelligent lighting fixtures and commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. DMX could be a great added value to your Laser Game arena by enabling your system to control electronics such as haze/smoke machine, strobe lights and light effects, laser effects and other special effect components. DMX can be programmed and integrated to the Laser Game system to release smoke and create any special light effect and other amazing laser effects when a team conquer a base and at the end of the game when a team or individual wins the game.