Laser Game

Whether your business idea is addressed to opening a new site, to expand o renew your already existing LaserGame Arena, Next Technology does not only provide the equipment, software and know-how XRAID.

To get the best performance from your company, Next Technology offers a maze design and installation service and related premises , that combines the knowledge gained over years of development activities in direct contact with players / managers and the needs of the entrepreneur who wants to invest in the entertainment sector.

A 360° service:

  • Preventive advice on the choice of the most suitable buildings.
  • Consultancy and production of the documentation required to obtain permits and licenses.
  • Buildings design.
  • Buildings renovation, electrical installations, air conditioning and sanitary water.
  • Furnishing and equipment for refreshment areas.
  • Furnishing accessories, lighting and decorative lighting.
  • Pub supplies, breweries, bistros




It is essential to be able to distinguish oneself with a marked recognizable character. Brand identity, design, layout, that is, all those conceptual, visual, textual, functional, sometimes even olfactory and sounding codes of the brand, which have the task of evoking and transmitting personality and professionalism.  The aim is to give each exercise of the XRAID circuit an original and recognizable overall visual impact, able to communicate to the market what we are, what we operate for and what we differentiate ourselves for.

pdf-6How To allocate spacesXRAID-EN-103-00
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How To allocate spaces

In this guideline, we explain different rooms/areas necessary for your Laser Game center and how to allocate your available space for different purposes to maximize your performance and profit. To do this, we help you to find the answer for the following questions to become a successful laser game:

  • What rooms / areas do I need in my Laser Game center?
  • How much space do I need for each room/area?
  • How to allocate different spaces in my Laser Game center?


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pdf-12How to choose the right supplierXRAID-EN-106-00
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How to choose the right supplier

Having the right Laser Game equipment and system is essential, but in order to have a successful Laser Game business, you need to have the right supplier who supports you in different steps of your business. In this guideline we explain different aspects of a good Laser Game supplier to help you to evaluate your future supplier by answering the following questions:

  • What are the most important aspects to evaluate the Laser Game supplier?
  • What are the services you can expect from your supplier?
  • How to select the right supplier for your Laser Game?
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pdf-22Costs and ExpensesXRAID-EN-108-00
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Costs and Expenses

In order to make a right decision about future business, an entrepreneur should have enough information about costs and not only revenue. A business is not only about revenue, the costs are really important to enable the entrepreneur to understand if the business is feasible, profitable and compare it with other business opportunities. In this guideline we provide you some information about the main costs of a Laser Game center.

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