The right Equipment

XRAID systems: the best marketed equipment for your Laser Game. Outstanding design, innovative hardware, durable and lightweight.

XRAID Laser Tag System, is the latest line of equipment for laser game from
Next Technology Srl, leader in the field of Electronic Manufacturing and Software Engineering.

It is the result of years of research and development, thanks to the collaboration of players and laserdrome managers and their many years of experience in the entertainment industry.


Being passionate laser tag gamers and MMORPG (Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) gamers , one of the main goals we have set ourselves right from the start is to combine these two realities, developing a system that can identify the registered players and that can store detailed scores with statistics on a comprehensive website, that is the portal where players and teams can see their growth, earn bonuses, unlock achievements and organize tournaments.

In addition, analyzing strengths and weaknesses of the most widespread systems and investing large resources in research and development, we have built reliable and accurate equipment to shoot and be shot, built with high-strength materials and advanced technologies, highly versatile, that can emulate any other system and methods enhancing the gaming experience. 

XRAID is the only laser tag equipment entirely designed and made in Italy. It is a high-end product and is the most advanced system than any of competitor. All of this for a truly amazing price.

Review of the Curator of the Museum Laser Tag in occasion of his pleasant visit in September 2015: