The best industry consultants always by your side to help you build and run your business: your successful laser game attraction.

The work relation between Next Technology Srl and its customers does not end signing the contract or with the installation of the system: one which is established is a long-term collaboration along which we constantly work to help you get and maintain an attraction of successful laser game.

Periodically a consultant will be at your hand to discuss with you on your business, such as marketing, joint marketing, use of the various functions of the product, the development of software updates or technical aspects of the equipment. We are one of the few companies that regularly visit the facilities to help ensure efficient  cutting-edge equipment.


Next Technology srl provide its customers various services for starting a successful business:

  • Staff training for the correct use of the software and equipment in the arena
  • Briefing video in MP4 format for the training of players in your arena
  • Manuals and technical guides in PDF format
  • Free music: a range of music collections without Copyright for the setting in the arena
  • Web page and social networking
  • Graphic customization of posters, banners, scorecards...
  • Info data and statistics in the restricted area access, graphs that analyze trends and customer attendance
  • Modules to offload liability to a minor
  • 3D designs to customize the arena
  • Business consulting, legal consulting and accounting expertise for the opening of the new activities, in particular for the whole aspect of license to requests, business plan development and funding research ...