Server & Software

The XRaid software is installed on Linux servers, it offers attractive operator interface, more social and in touch screen technology. Management and control are complete and reach every devices in arena, all of individual phaser kit and armors.

The software is designed to run on any web browser: this allows you to connect, through authentication, to Your Server XRAID from terminal or from any other mobile device, tablet or smartphone and set the matches, make start or stop or put in pause, add new members etc.

This will allow you to have everything under control, interacting constantly with the equipment in arena,  not having to go out and access the terminal.

The XRAID software offers a wide range of features to help you manage your place:

  • Management of the games . Although many methods are already pre-set, you can customize various settings, color set, times, ammunition, lives, rate of fire, sensors masks etc, so you can customize each mode in more variants.
  • Music Management into arena. No need to press play or stop on a CD player to play music in the arena during the game. Thanks to XRAID software you can save your favorite audio playlist and the music will automatically run at the start and stopped at the end of each game set.
  • Print and reprint functions. with automatic print function, the scores are printed at the completion of the game and you'll also have the opportunity to reprint the scores of previous matches.
  • Devices and diagnostics management. In one interface you can check the status of all devices in the arena and run a diagnostic for each of them.
  • User Registration. A simple tool that allows you to record your customers and encourage them to play to earn more points and improve their position, in order to build customer loyalty.
  • Help Desk. Tool that enables the service center to perform diagnostic and intervention of software via remote access, in order to make the operating system in a very short time.

Tools web portal

Solution to a problem: as owner you can not always be present all day, every day. Often you will need to count on staff to run and manage your business. As you'll know what's going on? The XRAID Web portal dedicates a session to administrators, which by connecting remotely can see what's going on any time, anywhere.


Operational reports

Information is power, and this function provides you with detailed statistics about the games played inside your place:

  • The number of players per hour, day, week, month and year at the center.
  • Reports that compare the statistics in different periods of time.
  • The graphs that analyze the trend of customer attendance.
  • The percentage of customers who are registered against unregistered ones.
  • The geolocation of  customers and much more.


Membership card

The computer game industry is absolutely booming. The balance sheets behind many computer games regularly exceed the budget for the film at the box office. We wondered what makes these games so exciting and convincing, and studied how to use these elements in a laser game play.

With XRAID membership card, players will recognize many similarities with popular video games:

  • Nickname. Most of computer games allow players to assign their own name to the character. As a member you can create your own nickname and upload a .jpg avatar that represents the single player which may recognize the phaser at every game as well as on the charts.
  • Team. Form your own team, accumulate points, climb the charts, gain awards and bonuses.
  • Extra Weapons. Another common element in most video games: accumulating points you gain extra weapons and additional skills to use in the game.
  • Tournaments. Challenge other teams and organize tournaments.
  • App XRAID. Through the app, you can access the user interface from your smart phone or tablet, check the individual and team results and share them on social media in real time.