Armor and Phaser

The armor is stylish and compact, designed in the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship design. It fits perfectly to the player af any age and size, giving even the youngest to participate without any discomfort. Made from polycarbonate, light and durable, it protects the electronics in lodges designed to withstand the most stringent crash tests.

Phaser “Sanils Blaster” is inspired by the latest video game, simulating the desire to play laser game as professional player. It is made of high-strength composite materials, intuitive and easy to handle, designed for easy and quick upkeep.

Among the main features:

  • Wireless system specifically designed for the communication between the phaser at stake and the Arena Management Server, uploading scores and bonus in real-time.
  • LCD display 1.8" which allows the player to have constantly under control the number of lives, loaders and strokes available, the game time and his score.
  • High-quality IR emitter with emission capacity of up to 50 meters.
  • High capacity Li-ion battery lasting over 18 hours of game and recharging time to 100% in just 2 hours.
  • RGB LED with dozens of colors selectable to create teams and create animations during game time.
  • IR sensors distributed in the armor and phaser to enable an immersive game, to 360 degrees, with the possibility to decide which  game setting turn on or off,  directly from  the server.
  • Two-hand sensor for more security. This feature can be disabled for training purposes or tournament.
  • vibrating device lodged in the handle, that vibrates the phaser every time the player is hit.
  • RFID reader which allows the player to be recognized by the equipment. It gives knowledge of the memory of matches played and the scores with statistics, accessing the Internet through the official web portal. Here the player can register itself with a nickname, form his own team and earn points, awards and bonuses as it occurs  in videogames.