Ethical Code


The following code is intended to manage any cooperation and work relationship and to establish some values, like rectitude and honesty. These are the basis values of  working and living style of Next Technology , that has worked for many years in the construction field, respecting them in every relation and activity.

The aim of this document is to clearly explain the moral values applied by Next Technology  in its activity and respecting them is a necessary condition of its work, in order to keep its trusty image and its good reputation. This ethic code has to be distributed to and to be known by every partner of  Next Technology.

Rules of this Code suggest to every employed and to every Next Technology partner the behaviour to keep, according to the civil Code rules: work relationships (art. 2104, 2108 c.c.).

Article 1 – Behaviour in business development. 

Directors, Workers, and everybody works for, or in cooperation with the Company, have to accept actual rules in Italy and to respect the actual rules of the country where they are working. No aim can be reached against the rules in force. Next Technology , respecting its honesty, correctness and transparency values, makes its best to prevent and avoid corruption  and conflict of interest episodes. Companies and external collaborators, that could eventually share business affairs with Next Technology , have to respect the present Code and they have to act according to its rules of correctness and transparency. 

Article 2 – Use of informations

All business informations which a collaborator can get to know about, must be kept secret. Collaborators can just use informations for work and they can not disclose them outside the Company. Privacy and reserve about the objects of activities must be kept, according to the privacy law in force. Employees and collaborators can just use technological machines at their disposal for work aims, respecting the laws in force and the Company rules. 

Article 3 – Relationship with third persons

Realtionships with third parts in national and international territory must be based on loyalty and fairness, in order to guarantee the Company interests. Informations which go out of the Company must be true, clear and coherent with the Company policy. External Companies dealing with Next Technology. Engineer must use loyalty and correctness in business. It’s requested to external societies to work according to values and guide lines of this Code. 

Employees, collaborators and partners must be authorized by the administrator of  the Company to reveal informations about aims and projects of Next Technology in case of participation to fairs, events, meetings. Also they have to establish with the administrator the contents of any news spreading from the Company.

Employees and any cooperating company will never behave and will never declare anything against the good image of the society. But they will increase its good image  through a correct behaviour.

Article 4 – Employee’s dignity and integrity protection and safety on work

Human resources are very important to Next Technology. to develop its projects successfully. The Company will develop and stimulate its employees capabilities, according to their potentialities, ideas, and enterprises to work for the same aim. All employees will have the same job opportunity, according to their vocational training and their capabilities, without any discrimination of race, religion, sex, age, handicap, respecting the human rights. 

Article 5 – Budget and book-keeping

Transparency and truthfulness of book-keeping are standard and necessary values. Transparency is based on a true, correct and complete documentation for every activity and budget operation. Every external company dealing with Next Technology has to represent clearly, correctly and suddenly every budget operation and to provide a clear documentation, according with transparency and loyalty values of the Company.

Article 6 – Interests conflict

Employees and third parts, dealing a common business with the Company, have to work for Next Technology interests. They can not behave in any way against its principles: values like loyalty and correctness. To respect them, third parts don’t have to work in any way for any competitor company and they can never damage its interests by any way.

Article 7 – Disciplinary measures

The company will sanction any employee and any external cooperating society whose behaviour does not respect this ethical code, in order to guarantee and to protect its own interests.

Next Technology