Service and Warranty

Next Technology, exclusive manufacturer and supplier of all of Laser Tag systems in XRAID brand, guarantees constant support and assistance on all its products, directly or through its network of technicians and consultants, available by phone 24 hours on 24 for emergencies or by email for all other advice.

Work on software or diagnostics are performed by connecting remotely, in order to make operating the system in a very short time. For hardware damages where professional intervention is necessary, just send the equipment in place, prior RMA authorization, for repair or replacement of the part, within 2 working days from receipt of the equipment, it will be repaired and returned. 
Technical assistance on site for emergency measures which go beyond the cases mentioned above, is guaranteed within 48 hours.

Every manager is equipped with an emergency kit consisting of the main parts of the laser game kit. Together with the installation of the system, the technician teaches how to perform basic maintenance on the systems to be autonomous and always have the equipment in perfect working order.

The XRAID warranty covers:

  • Phaser plastic
  • Phaser electronic
  • Armor wiring
  • Armor plastic
  • Armor electronic
  • Computers and printers
  • Scores monitor
  • Software updates

The XRAID warranty does not cover:
Consumables such as points cards, fidelity cards, cartridges, manuals ...
Equipment damage due to force majeure, abuse, vandalism and damage caused by willful neglect

At the end of the warranty period, Next Technology offers contracts for the ongoing support and maintenance, relieving the operator from any concern regarding the preservation of XRAID system.