Arena Project Design

Transport your guests to another world with our arenas. We work with you to create the best gaming setting!

An immersive setting is essential for the success of the laser game attraction. When the customers play laser game, they want to be transported to an alternate world. Years of experience in Laser Tag entertainment have taught us how to create memorable and successful attractions.

Another important aspect is playability. There are arenas around the world that are themed and look amazing, but the lack of playability it wastes the gaming experience for the guests. Our experience in designing of the arena will help to ensure more exciting games. This will allow you to build a structure that generates enthusiasm and money. 

It is important to consider the regulations regarding fire exits and precautions. We recall that the labyrinth is a place with poor visibility where, despite the warnings, the players tend to get carried away, running, bumping into each other and trying to climb on panels ... Years of experience in contact with agonist and amateur players have taught us which security device must have a maze to avoid that players get hurt with all the unpleasant consequences.

Beyond the design of the arena itself, it is also important to evaluate the layout of the entire structure to ensure a steady flow of your business.

This is done by providing information on the proper layout of  the implant: from the kitchen to the bathroom, we can offer advice on the best arrangement, looking over the architectural projects giving you indications to improve the flow of your business. We are pleased to share with you this knowledge, which is invaluable in starting your business.

We can create a customized arena. Simply contact one of our experts and send by email the planimetry of the site you elected. We will create a 3D design that meets your needs, respecting the building. This service is free for all Next Technology Srl customers, against an advance deposit that will be reduced on purchase of XRAID Laser Tag System.