Where is the best location to start my Laser Game business?

Generally, we recommend to start your business in a zone where the population within the radius of 30 km  is more than 80,000. Also, it is better to start your business in an area with younger population. In addition to population and demographics, you need to consider the accessibility, traffic, parking and competitors in your zone. For more information, please see our guideline “Laser Game, How to select the right location”.

How can I choose the right building for my laser game center?

There are many aspects such as building application, public image of the building, the rent cost, foot traffic, building condition, dimensions and space, … that need to be considered. For more information, please see our guideline “Laser Game, How to choose the right arena”.

Do I need to buy the building or you recommend to rent it?

We cannot give you any recommendation in this regard. Depends on your budget and financial planning (business plan) you can decide to buy or rent the building. If you are worried that the arena will damage the building, we ensure you that XRAID labyrinth will prevent any damage to the walls and floor.

How much space do I need for my Laser Game center?

There is not a straight answer for this question. The answer to this question depends on the investment amount, the business dimension, different services and different games and attractions that your arena might desire to provide. Here, we give you indications about the minimum space required for your playing area and Laser Game center. For a stand-alone attraction you need minimum:

  • Small Arena (10 - 19 equipment): 150 – 200 m2 for playing area and 280 – 380 m2 for your attraction totally.
  • Medium Arena (20 - 29 equipment): 250 – 300 m2 for playing area and 430 – 540 m2 for your attraction totally.
  • Large Arena (30 - 40 equipment): 350 – 400 m2 for playing area and 590 – 710 m2 for your attraction totally.

For more information please see our guideline “Laser Game, How to allocate spaces”      

Which rooms and spaces do I need in my Laser Game center?

You can include several spaces and rooms with different functions in your attraction. Some of these spaces such as playing area, vesting room, reception, waiting room, parking and restrooms are absolutely necessary while other facilities such as bar and refreshment area, event rooms and arcade games will help you to increase the profit (Money Makers). Also, other rooms such as briefing room, offices, service and maintenance room neither necessary nor directly increase your profit but they will help you to manage your Laser Game center much better. For more information about the function and the dimensions of these rooms, please see our guideline “Laser Game, How to allocate spaces”

I have xxx m2 space, is it good to start a Laser Game business?

If you already have a family entertainment center with reception, waiting area, … having 150-200 m2 is enough to add Laser Game to your business. If you are planning to start an entertainment activity, you need a minimum 300 m2 to set-up your Laser Game attraction. We can consult you for free to evaluate your space for a Laser Game activity.

I have a space of xxx m2 , how many equipment do you recommend?

We recommend to consider minimum 10 m2 per player for your playing area. For example, if you have a playing area of 200 m2, we recommend you to buy 20 equipment (Phaser and Armor). Bigger playing areas can host more players. For more information, please see our guideline “Laser Game, How to allocate spaces”

Can I design my own laser game arena?

Yes, but under certain conditions. You need to coordinate with us about the measures and the main elements and aspects of the arena. But considering our experience in designing arenas that provides a high level of playability and interactivity, and since we do it for Free as a part of your Laser game center preparation you should have a good reason to do it yourself!

Do you design the playing area and set it up for my attraction?

Yes we do, XRIAD Laser Game in addition to supplying Laser Game equipment, have the capacity to design, fabricate, furnish, install and decorate the arena labyrinth and components.

XRAID Laser game supplies arena labyrinth set up with raised flooring and scenography. Modular Arena Labyrinth with a proven anchoring system, simplifies the maintenance of the systems, and the modification of the game path configuration from time to time. XRAID raised flooring provides a safe and neat pavement and prevents any damage to the floor and facilitate the electrical wiring for the game with the possibility of floor lighting.

What type of theming can you offer?

The Labyrinth can be designed and implemented in different themes (Outer space, Spaceship, Jurassic Park, war ruins, ancient ruins, city landmark, etc) according to the your request  and your target clients’ demographic.

I have an open space, how can I open a laser game?

Laser game makes it 100% when you have a well-defined indoor playing area where you can create a whole series of sets, UV lighting, and the particular scenography. In case you do not have an indoor arena or permanent location, we can supply you with an attractive and well-designed inflatable arena similar to the permanent Laser Game arena.