What is briefing?

Briefing is the first step to every laser game match. All of the players gather in the briefing room where they learn how to play, what the rules are, and all the safety information. 

Do I need to memorize and brief the players about the game and regulations?

No, XRAID Laser Game will supply you with a short briefing video that explains the game and rules to be played for the players before the game. However, it is necessary for personnel to be informed about each game mode, mechanics of the game to answer players’ questions if necessary. Also, they need to learn to welcome the players and create a memorable experience for them during the briefing.

What is game mode?

Game mode is a scenario of each game and an adventure to enjoy the game by following the scenario to win the game. Each game mode has a different goal and different variations. Some modes are individual modes where there is no team and all players are playing against each other and try to collect scores as much as possible. Instead there are some team modes which each team tries to eliminate opponent’s team members and conquer their base as well as achieving higher scores. There are other variations such as number of teams, number of lives, different weapons, number of ammo, shots, reloads and fire rate, time of the match.

How players recognize their team?

In team modes, each team is recognized by a specific color. The LED lights on phasers and armors demonstrate the color of the team.

How players can find out the beginning and the end of the game?

The beginning and the end of the game will be announced automatically by the system (through arena audio system) and each phaser (through Phasers’ speaker). The system starts to register the shots right after beginning of the game and stops when the game is over. The music will be played during the game, so players will understand if the game is over when the music stopped. To create more wow effects, we can set DMX lights and floor LED lights to show different special effects when the game starts or finishes.

How do players know when they have been hit?

When someone get shot by another player, his/her armor and phaser start to flash a white light and his/her  phaser plays a sound and vibrates, so both players are aware of the shot. Depending on the game mode, the person who get shot will lose a life and can see it on phaser’s screen. If the player has more lives, can continue to play after some seconds, otherwise the color brightness of his/her armor and phaser will be lowered and have to go and load lives and ammunition.

What is protection length and danger length?

When a player get shot, receives a truce to protect him/her from being shot again immediately and it is impossible to get shot again for some second. This time is called protection time and can be set and modified in software. Danger length is the time when the player cannot shot after being shot by another player but can get shot by other players. Danger time can also be set through software for each game mode.

How long does a match last?

According to our experience to maximize the attraction income, the default duration of each match is 15 minutes which is set on the XRAID system. However, players, before the match, can ask the operator to set a different duration (e.g. 20, 30, 45, 60 min) for their match.

How many different game modes can be played?

Hundreds. Although we have 20 pre-set game modes and continuously develop more, we have programmed our system in an open manner. This means that you can use the variables to find your perfect game style based upon your own wishes and your customer desires.

How players can compare themselves with other players of the match?

At the end of each game the players can see the results of the match on arena scoreboard and compare themselves with others. Also, each player will receive a printed score report to see the results and  statistics of the match to compare himself/herself with other players.

How players can accumulate each game’s points?

This is an advantage for registered members. XRAID members can accumulate each game’s points. After the game all the results of registered members will be automatically uploaded to a portal where players can accumulate points, compare themselves with other players in arena and see their overall ranking among all other XRAID Laser Game players.

How many players can play XRAID Laser Game at the same time?

In fact, there is no limitation regarding that and more than 250 players can play at the same time. The main limitation is the available indoor space (min 10 m2 per player), number of available players and the clients’ budget to set up the attraction. We never recommend our client to buy more than 40 equipment since hardly ever they can find group of more than 40 players who play indoor laser game at the same time.

What are the laser game rules?

In the Laser Game there are not many rules, except those dictated for the safety of the players:

  • Violence, physical contact of any kind, running, jumping, rolling, and climbing is forbidden;
  • Any weapon and object not designed for the game are prohibited;
  • It is not allowed to hit other players with equipment or harm them physically of any kind.