What does a Laser game system consist of?

Armor and phaser are connected to the Laser Game system through a wireless connection that manages the equipment and the game. A Laser game system consists of a server, game management software and firmware (embedded software) to control each equipment and connect them to the server and software. The Laser Game system connects and controls equipment, software, firmware, arena components and game together to maximize the performance of equipment and create a memorable experience for clients. The software registers the shots and calculates scores and shows the results on equipment’s screen in the real time. For more information please download and see our guideline: “Laser Game, How to choose the right system”.

Does XRAID Laser Game can be managed remotely?

XRAID software and system is designed to run on any web browser. This allows you to connect, through authentication, to XRAID Server from your server terminal or from any other mobile device, tablet or smartphone and set the matches, start or stop or pause the matches, add new members, etc. This will allow you to have everything under control, interacting constantly with the equipment in arena,  not having to go out to access the terminal.

Does XRAID Laser Game system enables me to fully control the arena and games?

XRAID Laser Game system enables you to control software, equipment, different processes, arena components and facilitates the easy and automatic management of them through XRAID Laser Game software and server. It brings together game settings, armors and phasers, arena equipment and components, maintenance and diagnostics, membership registration and player’s portal, DMX special effects (smoke, lighting, laser effect, etc), video surveillance system, arena music management, score broads, and even printers in your Laser Game center.

How can I set-up and run a match?

The system operator selects the game mode with some clicks according to the request of the clients, the rest will proceed automatically:

  • Equipment recognize players through membership cards and RFID card readers;
  • The match is managed by the software from the beginning to the end according to the game mode;
  • Your favorite music is played automatically and will be stopped at the end of the match;
  • Each player sees his/her score, number of lives, available shots, and reloads, etc during the game in real time in LCD screen of the phaser;
  • The system controls DMX special effects and can take photo of the player who conquers the base;
  • The match result is shown on score board monitors (in waiting room) in real time;
  • Monitors or televisions in waiting room show the arena and players currently in the game through CCTV and video surveillance system;   
  • At the end of the match the results will be printed automatically;
  • The players’ portal will be updated without the intervention of staff;
  • During the match, the operator can set-up the next match.

Does XRAID Laser Game system generates management reports and statistics?

Yes, XRAID System gives you access to management control panel and provides you with detailed statistics about the games played inside your attraction:

  • The number of players per day, week, month and year at the centre;
  • Reports that compare the statistics in different periods of time;
  • The graphs that analyze the trend of customer attendance;
  • The geographic location of  customers and much more;
  • The percentage of customers who are registered against unregistered ones.

Does XRAID Laser Game has a membership system?

Yes, XRAID Laser Game membership system is a tool that allows you to register your clients and their information and preferences to encourage them to play more to earn more points. Membership cards assist you to provide a better and tailor-made service for your clients in order to build and improve customer loyalty.