How can I set-up and run a match?

The system operator selects the game mode with some clicks according to the request of the clients, the rest will proceed automatically:

  • Equipment recognize players through membership cards and RFID card readers;
  • The match is managed by the software from the beginning to the end according to the game mode;
  • Your favorite music is played automatically and will be stopped at the end of the match;
  • Each player sees his/her score, number of lives, available shots, and reloads, etc during the game in real time in LCD screen of the phaser;
  • The system controls DMX special effects and can take photo of the player who conquers the base;
  • The match result is shown on score board monitors (in waiting room) in real time;
  • Monitors or televisions in waiting room show the arena and players currently in the game through CCTV and video surveillance system;   
  • At the end of the match the results will be printed automatically;
  • The players’ portal will be updated without the intervention of staff;
  • During the match, the operator can set-up the next match.