What are the main equipment of a Laser Game?

The main elements of laser game equipment are vest and weapon. The weapon (called laser gun, phaser or blaster) has a futuristic look and emits infrared light to shoot (tag or hit) other players. The vest (is called armor or receiver) which is worn by each player, typically has some Infrared-sensitive sensors to register tags. For more information please download and see our guideline: “Laser Game, How to choose the right equipment

Does Laser game equipment damage the human body or clothes or get damaged easily?

All players are obligated to play safe and avoid any action that harm other players and damage equipment and the arena manager is obligated to undertake all safety measures in venue to ensure the safety of players. However, the Equipment are designed to protect the players from any injury or get damaged easily. The XRAID equipment is equipped with:

  • Two-hand sensor (a sensor to block the phaser when shooting with one hand) to oblige the player to shoot with two hands;
  • Phaser safety belt (a belt to fasten the phaser to the armor) is designed to oblige players to keep the phaser close to them and prevent them to shoot with outstretched arms, smack it against walls and hit or harm other players with the phaser;
  • Soft rubber nozzle (protective rubber tip)- in addition to protect the phaser nozzle from damage – will prevent any injury caused by sharp edges of it;
  • A wrist strap cord that facilitates its handling and prevent it from dropping on the ground and get damaged;

How reliable is XRAID Laser Game equipment?

Reliability is the measure of how long an equipment performs its intended function. It is a measure of the chance of remaining in-service to a point in time. XRAID Laser Game equipment has the lifespan of +10 years and is reliable for at least 99% of its lifespan. XRAID equipment will work properly after this time, but usually it needs to be updated and equipped with new features according to the latest technology in the market.

What is the function of the touch key on phaser?

Phaser touch key is being used to turn the equipment On and OFF. Also it has a safety function to oblige the player to shoot with two hands. Upon activation of the function, the phaser will be blocked when a player shoots with one hand. Another function of touch key is to use the laser pointer of the phaser. If the operator activates this function on software, players can see a visible Laser beam and better target their opponents.

How many sensors does XRAID equipment have?

The Phaser is equipped with 7 IR sensors and the armor is equipped with 10 IR sensors (receivers) on front, back and shoulders to enable an immersive game, to 360 degrees, with the possibility to deactivate them directly from  the server for some game modes.

Can I switch individual sensors on or off?

Yes, the manager can switch off sensors of phaser and armor’s shoulders through XRAID management software. But you cannot deactivate armors’ front and back sensors since the game become meaningless.

Is there a display on the XRAID Phaser?

Yes, it is equipped with a 1.8" LCD display which allows the player to have the number of lives, loads and available shots, the game time and the score constantly under control. The display is installed in the rear part of phaser where is always visible and the player does not need to stop playing even for a short time to check it.

How XRAID armor and phaser are connected to each other?

Armor is interconnected to the phaser through a high strength elastic coiled cord to secure the connection. The phaser communicates via WiFi with the other devices in the arena, this allows the player to see the stats in real time.