Does playing XRAID laser game need specific physical capability or skill level?

The absolute safety of the laser game makes it popular in every age group. In addition to the youth target, the game, especially the indoor one, does not require any particular physical prowess, and is also suitable for both children and adults. All game modes and scenarios can be played by any age and skill level.

What is laser game?

Laser Game (or laser tag) is a revolutionary, adrenaline-pumping and team-based shooting entertainment to simulate military fights like a live video game where players star in their own real, live action video game. Players use infrared-emitting light weapon to shoot other players and designated targets to achieve a goal i.e. eliminating opponent players, conquering opponent’s base or other targets and scoring more point than other players. For more information please see our guideline “what is Laser Game?”

What are the Laser game rules?

In the Laser Game there are not many rules, except those dictated for the safety of the players:

  • Violence, physical contact of any kind, running, jumping, rolling, and climbing is forbidden;
  • Any weapon and object not designed for the game are prohibited;
  • Although the right Laser Game equipment has designed to prevent any physical damage by other players, it is not allowed to hit other players with equipment or harm them physically of any kind.

Is XRAID laser game safe for children?

Although it is called Laser Game, the weapon does not use real laser to hit, instead, it emits infra-red beams similar to TV remote control. The game is absolutely safe  and this makes it popular in every age group.

In Laser Game all players are obligated to play safe and avoid any action that harm other players and the arena owner is obligated to undertake all safety measures in venue. Despite of this, the Equipment are designed to protect the players from any harm or injury.

Does laser game hurt?

Indoor Laser game is generally a very safe game to play. The equipment used in laser tag (phaser and armor) does not cause any physical pain or harm. However, the is a possibility of tripping, slipping, falling, or accidentally colliding with other players or structures in the arena while playing the game, just like any other physical activity. For this reason, running, jumping, rolling, and climbing is absolutely forbidden in the arena.

What is the difference between indoor laser game and outdoor laser tag?

Depending on equipment and its technology, Laser game can be played indoor (the playing area is in a building) or outdoor. The indoor laser game is more popular since the weather is not a barrier for the attraction or reason of discomfort for players. Also, arena components, special effects (fog, lighting, laser animations, sound of guns and explosions), music and scenography of the arena have made the indoor laser game more appealing which is preferred by most of the owners and players.

Both Indoor and outdoor using the same infrared data transmission technology with different powers to shoot targets in different ranges but they are quite different in terms of application and technical capabilities. Please download and see our guideline “what is Laser Game?”