What is included in your laser game pricelist?

In our pricelist there are everything you need to start your laser game business including equipment, server computer, software, arena targets and components, charger station, monitors, printer, headed letter stat reports and many optional equipment such as XRAID rocket turret, smoke machine, audio system, spare part kit, etc. Also, we include the cost of arena set-up such as panels and raised flooring, scenography, installation, training and test. Please contact us to receive our pricelist.

Can you provide me with a quote for my bank or government?

For equipment and arena components yes, we can provide you with detail quotation based on your requirements and needs. For arena set-up we need to design the labyrinth to precisely calculate the materials and workload. Before doing the design we can only provide you with estimations.

Can I rent the Laser Game equipment?

No, We are a Laser Game system manufacturer and we do not rent any equipment. Upon request, we can evaluate a collaboration with Leasing and financing companies for operative leasing (long term rent) of equipment.

Can my neighbor buy your laser game equipment as well and compete me?

It is very well possible that somebody else in your area wants to open a XRAID arena near you. However, we are able to offer exclusivity if you accept our terms and conditions. This exclusivity is optional and is depending on the size and population of the region you are in and will guarantee you that no other XRAID Laser Game arena is being opened in your area.

What is the payment term?

Usually we follow the 60-40 formula. 60% down payment after confirmation of the order, 40% when the order is ready at our warehouse for transportation. Usually it take approximately 60 days for manufacturing of equipment and preparation of the order. However, the payment terms and order preparation time might vary from time to time.

Is the order delivery included in your pricelist?

No, XRAID prices are EX Work, this means that we produce the equipment and give them to you in our warehouse and you will be responsible for shipment arrangements and costs. Usually it take approximately 60 days for manufacturing of equipment and preparation of the order.