Does Laser game equipment damage the human body or clothes or get damaged easily?

All players are obligated to play safe and avoid any action that harm other players and damage equipment and the arena manager is obligated to undertake all safety measures in venue to ensure the safety of players. However, the Equipment are designed to protect the players from any injury or get damaged easily. The XRAID equipment is equipped with:

  • Two-hand sensor (a sensor to block the phaser when shooting with one hand) to oblige the player to shoot with two hands;
  • Phaser safety belt (a belt to fasten the phaser to the armor) is designed to oblige players to keep the phaser close to them and prevent them to shoot with outstretched arms, smack it against walls and hit or harm other players with the phaser;
  • Soft rubber nozzle (protective rubber tip)- in addition to protect the phaser nozzle from damage – will prevent any injury caused by sharp edges of it;
  • A wrist strap cord that facilitates its handling and prevent it from dropping on the ground and get damaged;